A warm welcome to the Mamalou gypsy wagon,

How nice that you are here in Pipowagen de Mamalou. You are now in the former schoolyard of the kindergarten.


We like to hear about it immediately if things are not to your liking. Just ring the doorbell at the front door of De Schilderschool, or send a text message to 0615236339 or WhatsApp. We then try to do something about it immediately.

We also like to live outside and take your peace and quiet into account. Would you like to do that too? You can do this by; No music on outside, quiet speaking volume. It is nice for everyone if it is quiet from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.


Exploring Doesburg and don't feel like walking in?
Go Kickbike. We have 4 giant kickbikes for adults for rent! The kick bikes cost €7.50 p.p.d. to rent. I can always decide that on the spot after a test run.


A few standard points that I think are self-explanatory:

  • inside and in the toilet do not smoke. There is an ashtray outside on the veranda;
  • only burn the dry firewood under the veranda;
  • only burn in dry weather, not in fog or extreme drought;
  • the boxes with tree trunks at the end are for decoration;
  • the lighting outside and in the bathroom switches on and off automatically;
  • the hinges and locks are a handmade design, which therefore requires a little more care when opening and closing.


Coffee and tea are available upon arrival. The coffee machine has its own recyclable filter. Please do not throw it away, but rinse it after use. Do not use paper filters, otherwise the water will not flow properly. For longer stays you can supplement the basic ingredients yourself. There are plenty of towels available, if you want more kitchen or towels you can always request them for free.

Separating waste is mandatory. The sink cabinet contains waste bins for plastic, organic waste and other waste. The waste may be placed in the containers at the path upon departure. You can put glass in the crate near the container on the path.


You have until 11:00 am to check out. On Sunday you are welcome all day and you can determine your own check-out time. Cleaning has been paid for, just do the dishes and empty the refrigerator. Please throw waste into the roll of containers on the path yourself. Leaving a message in the guestbook or on the internet is always nice.

We like to say hello, so just ring the doorbell at the front door. If we are not there, you can lock De Mamalou and leave the key in the bathroom.

Have a safe trip and see you soon, the team of Pipowagen de Mamalou, Regina, Joke and André